The Holy

The Holy on vuonna 2014 perustettu bändi, joka on saanut tunnistettavimmat vaikutteensa springsteeniläisestä laulaja-lauluntekijätraditiosta ja krautrockin estetiikasta. Yhtye julkaisi kiitellyn ensimmäisen EP:n ”More Escher and Random Notes” keväällä 2016. The Holy ammentaa soundinsa kahdesta rumpalista, voimakkaasta kitaroinnista ja sävykkäästä laulusta. Bändin tinkimättömät live-esiintymiset ovat herättäneet laajalti huomiota.

Vuonna 2017 The Holy keikkailee niin Suomessa kuin ulkomaillakin, minkä lisäksi bändi julkaisee toisen EP:n loppuvuodesta.


The Holy was founded in the summer of 2014 by a group of friends with the desire to capture large sonic soundscapes in soaring songs. The band embarked on a mission, to bring their large kraut inspired noise to stages near and far.

However before long that noise for the sake of noise was no longer enough. Within their first EP ‘More Escher and Random Notes’ (2016) the band started to refine their songs and compositions into the massive yet strangely delicate balance that it is today. It is a sound crafted from the Springsteenian singer-songwriter tradition and unleashed through a kraut-rock machine.

Uncompromising live shows have been The Holy’s foremost priority from the beginning. With the help of two drummers, a whole lot of guitar and powerful vocals, that ambition still rings true. The band will release their second EP and start working on their first full-length album in the spring of 2017, in addition of playing shows in Finland and abroad.

‘”It’s a band crafting a sound that I think sounds wholly unique; you’ll electronic elements, lofty vocal range, but also similarities to acts like Arcade Fire or U2 (when they were decent)” – Austin Town Hall (USA)


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