Superfjord combines modern psychedelic rock, head-bobbing rhythms, jazz-inspired improvisation, electronic experimentation and cosmic sound canvases. The band’s debut album ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ (Suomen Musiikki 2014) and the ‘Coltrane’ 7- inch released by UK’s famed Fruits de Mer Recordshave gathered praise both in Finland and internationally. Recently the band’s stellar version of Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ also appeared on a MOJO Magazine cd compilation, curated by no other than Mr. Paul Weller himself.

On stage, Superfjord has quickly gained fame as a stellar live act and a sublime multi-sensory experience where bold improvisation meets cosmic visual projections. A Superfjord show is a trip where no one in the audience knows where the journey will take them.

What the media has said about ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’:

“Highly recommended”

– Mojo Magazine UK

“This is a deeply enjoyable album with haunting tracks that just have to be played again and again; this review has taken me ages to write because I keep getting lost in the music and forgetting to write about it.”

– Terrascope UK

”Soaring reflections of the embrace of the universe, stemming from experimental jazz, psychedelic pop and the softer side of krautrock.”

– Rumba magazine (Finland) 6/2014

”Manifestation of the cosmic spirit”

– Soundi magazine (Finland) 6-7/2014

”Superfjord expands everyone’s minds. The guitar-driven ’It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ travels between the center of the earth and the stratosphere, making it impossible for the open-minded listener not to be lured in. The instrumental album is timeless and perceptive: various eras and styles blend together delightfully.”

– Aamulehti (the second largest newspaper in Finland)

”…The kind of debut album that isn’t released every year in Finland. Continues the story of Finnish trippy music from where the acid-drenched Hypnomen and Circle left it.”

– Image magazine (Finland) 7/2014



– ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ (LP/CD), Suomen Musiikki 2014

– ‘Coltrane’ (split 7” w/ Earthling Society), Fruits de Mer 2014

– ‘Side Effects’ (part of a 4LP vinyl box set), Fruits de Mer 2015

– ‘A Love Supreme’ (part of the ‘Beyond Saturn’ compilation, released with MOJO 6/2015)


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