Superfjord combines spiritual-psychedelic rock with progressive influences, hypnotic rhythms, free-flowing improvisation and cosmic sound canvases. The band’s two albums ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’(Suomen Musiikki 2014), and ’All Will Be Golden’ (Svart Records 2018) along with the ‘Coltrane’ and‘Zappa’ 7-inches (Fruits de Mer Records UK) have gathered praise both in Finland and internationally.

On stage, Superfjord has gained fame as a stellar live act, offering a ceremonial, multi-sensory experience where bold improvisation meets transcendental visual projections. A Superfjord show is a trip where no one in the audience or on the stage knows where the journey will ultimately take them.

What the media has said about ‘All Will Be Golden’ (2018):
”The journey from front to back of All Will be Golden is masterfully navigated, and whatever one’s feelings on the general state of the world in which we live, Superfjord portray a bright vision of things to come. As regards their sound, style, breadth and the focus they manage to keep where so many others would simply get lost, the future may indeed shine like gold.” (US)

”A superb mix of Pink Floyd-inspired space rock, progressive jam rock, trance music and mantra chants.”
– Progressive Rock Central (US)

“Like a meticulously built layer cake Superfjord creates a full sound in which percussion, keyboards, horns, guitars and polyphonic vocals create a psychedelic whirlpool in which all influences – from Zappa and Santana to Can, Neu!, Pink Floyd, Ravi Shankar, Spiritualized and whatever are mixed to one dazzling, rainbow-colored candy cane that is very tasty.”
– Lords of Metal ezine (Netherlands)

What the media has said about ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ (2014):

“Highly recommended”
– Mojo Magazine UK

“This is a deeply enjoyable album with haunting tracks that just have to be played again and again; this review has taken me ages to write because I keep getting lost in the music and forgetting to write about it.”
– Terrascope UK

”Soaring reflections of the embrace of the universe, stemming from experimental jazz, psychedelic pop and the softer side of krautrock.”
– Rumba magazine (Finland) 6/2014

”Manifestation of the cosmic spirit”
– Soundi magazine (Finland) 6-7/2014

”Superfjord expands everyone’s minds. The guitar-driven ’It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ travels between the center of the earth and the stratosphere, making it impossible for the open-minded listener not to be lured in.”
– Aamulehti (the second largest newspaper in Finland)

”…The kind of debut album that isn’t released every year in Finland. Continues the story of Finnish trippy music from where the acid-drenched Hypnomen and Circle left it.”
– Image magazine (Finland) 7/2014


– ’All Will Be Golden’ (LP/CD/digital), Svart Records 2018
– ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ (LP/CD), Suomen Musiikki 2014
– ‘Coltrane’ (split 7” w/ Earthling Society), Fruits de Mer 2014
– ‘Side Effects’ (part of a 4LP vinyl box set), Fruits de Mer 2015
– ‘A Love Supreme’ (part of the ‘Beyond Saturn’ compilation, released with MOJO 6/2015)
– ‘Zappa’ (split 7” w/ Sendelica), Fruits de Mer 2017


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