Emerging from the Helsinki club scene is Serot: a fresh techno act fusing organic human groove and electronic instruments in the technicolored glow. It all began when three guys with diverse musical backgrounds and visions came together to experiment through their individual skills and chart new musical territory. The common thread which tethered this trio was a love for house and techno music.

Serot aims to explore interesting ways to combine and harmonize elements of a band performance with DJ-culture. Serot’s set-up consists of: a drum set, loopers, synths, samplers, drum machines and a guitar. The creative use of their instruments in the house/techno music context invokes a primitive and energetic spirit compelling people to dance as one entity. An all-inclusive, live improvised and fully immersive dynamic with the dancing crowd is the key to the ignition of each of Serot’s unique live performances.

Serot also produces weaves intricate sonic tapestries within the expanding realm of house music for the label Arvo Records alongside the best DJs in Finland including Emma Valtonen and Kristiina Männikkö.


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