Jarse on turkulainen 2010-luvun alun tietämillä perustettu psykedeelisen minimalismin nimeen vannova voimaduo. Yhtyeenä Jarse ei ponnista tyhjästä, sen jäsenet vaikuttavat mm. kokoonpanoissa Shogun Kunitoki, Kiila, Pymathon, Kemialliset Ystävät, Taco Bells, (Erkki Kurenniemen soittimilla operoiva) Dimi’s Re-connected sekä Pöllöt.

Yhtyeen viimeisin julkaisu ”Det Går Runt Igen” ilmestyi vuonna 2014.

Formed in the early days of the current decade, Jarse are a power duo from Turku who swear by the name of psychedelic minimalism. The members of Jarse have served time in other bands such as Shogun Kunitoki, Kiila, Pymathon, Kemialliset Ystävät, Taco Bells, Dimi’s Re-connected (who operate Erkki Kurenniemi’s erstwhile instruments) and Pöllöt.

During their existence, Jarse have toured extensively beyond the band’s native borders, enrapturing audiences in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Switzerland, Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well in as all the Nordic countries, Iceland included. Jarse shows feature a self-built lighting system synchronised with sound and other measurable vibrations.

Jarse released meticulously honed debut album Det går runt igen (Fonal Records) in 2014. Among the stand-out moments on the album are a five-minute guitar solo, the longest yet on a Fonal Records release, as well as the title track, which redefines the Swedish-language psychedelia in Finland. These are the tools with which Jarse blaze the trail for the psychedelic revolution.

“Lovely, hypnotic and majestic!” – Aquarius Records album review on “Det går runt igen”