Kotimaisen death metallin yksi suurimmista virstanpylväistä on vuonna 1991 julkaistu Convulsen World Without God -albumi, joka on saavuttanut suurta arvostusta metallipiireissä ympäri maailman.

Alun perin vuosina 1988-1994 toiminnassa ollut nokialainen death metal -yhtye Convulse teki paluun esiintymislavoille kahden keikan myötä vuonna 2012. Tämän jälkeen yhtye on julkaissut muun muassa yhden EP:n ja kaksi albumia Svart Recordsin kautta sekä keikkaillut useilla festivaaleilla ulkomailla, kuten Maryland Deathfest, Wolfthrone Fest, Neatherland Deathfest sekä Killtown Deathfest.

Finnish Death Metal stalwarts Convulse, who started out back in 1988 under the S.D.S. moniker before changing to the current name, were an integral part of the first Finnish Death Metal movement. They lasted to the year 1994 before calling it quits only to rise from the grave almost 20 years later and started making new music again.

The band’s 4-track demo ”Resuscitation of Evilness” released at the end of 1990, was spread across the globe by the underground tape-trading network bringing the band a lot of fans. Convulse also gained an enormous amount of visibility via the underground Metal magazines around in those days, many of which were D.Y.I., xeroxed, B&W fan-/magazines. This rapidly increasing success did not go unnoticed by record labels looking for new and extreme-sounding candidates for their rosters – bands that had something special in their sound or those that were able to closely follow the underground sound of the times.

As the Death Metal genre bloomed in the early nineties it was hardly a surprise that France’s Thrash Records, that had just signed Sentenced, another popular Finnish Death Metal band, soon turned their sights on Convulse. The band members locked themselves in MSL Studios in July 1991 to start recording their 10-track debut album ”World Without God,” which also contained re-recordings of all four of the ”R.o.E.” demo songs. When the album was released at the end of 1991, fans with an ear for more extreme-sounding music sunk their hungry teeth deep with indescribable excitement.

”World Without God”, which many fans still consider the band’s most classic release, took the band on a wild journey and kept them busy for quite some time. When the time came for Convulse to record their follow-up album ”Reflections”, they had already changed musically from a guttural and murky Death Metal band to a proggy Deathrock act, but that’s another story.

Convulse’s Death Metal legacy culminated with the band’s brilliant debut album, ”World Without God”. It’s the Convulse album that most fans of underground Death Metal remember and raise this record on high in their conversations about these Finnish Death Metal pioneers. Little did the band know they had a classic in the making some 26 years ago.

Line up:

Rami Jämsä: Guitar/vocals,
Juha Telenius: Bass
Rolle Markos: Drums


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